Mikuni with his Assets, Kakazuzu, Aurore and Q

An Asset in "C" is an Entre's future given physical form.


An Asset is a form of "familiar" Entrepreneurs use to fight in Deals. Using an Asset to attack is typically more effective than "Direct" attacks, and as such an Asset is usually an Entre's primary means of offense. An Asset in "C" is an Entre's future given physical form.

Assets are creatures symbolically and abstractly representative of their Entre's future. Though it is possible to buy copys of other entrepreneurs assets if they go Going Public during a deal. They come in all shapes and sizes, from humanoid to gigantic and monstorous. The appearance of an Entre is in no way to be taken as an indicator of power, since some of the most powerful Assets do not look formidable at all.


Most Assets do not have a personality at all. They only exist to follow their Entre's commands. However, a few exceptions to this rule exist, notably Msyu and Q. Such "intelligent" Entres also tend to be the most powerful.


Assets will defend their Entres at any cost, for instance by generating barriers. To use their Asset's special abilities, the Entre must make a money investment. Assets can take extreme physical damage and live through intense trauma, and bleed Midas Money when struck with enough force.

The abilities of Assets are called "Flations" and come in three categories: Microflation, Mezzoflation and Macroflation (from weakest to strongest). The more powerful an ability, the greater the investment required to activate it. Microflations are usually unnamed, but Mezzo and Macroflations have unique names (typically lifted from economical terminology).

Since Assets' attacks are powered by money, the richest Entres' assets are usually the strongest, but this is not a hard rule. Some Assets may be naturally stronger than others. Msyu and Q are among the most powerful Assets.