Mikuni with one of his Asset's, "Kakazuzu"

An Asset in "C" is an Entre's future given physical form. Each Asset has two main Flations, a Mezzo- and a Macro- Flation, as well as a Microflation.. All Assets regardless of shape have at least one horn that glows upon the activation of a Flation ability. Assets can take extreme physical damage and live through intense trauma, and bleed Midas Money when struck with enough force. Most Assets are treated as property rather than sentient beings by Entres, however there are exceptions to the rule, such as Q, Msyu, and Georges. If the Midas Bank of a certain Financial District runs out of money, all Assets are liquified and returned to their monetary form to compensate the loss. An Entre can own more than one Asset, however they must earn or buy this Asset as they are only given one by default. Some Assets are more powerful than others due to the future they are based on, such as Q and Msyu. Assets dwell inside Midas Cards, where they can be talked to and swapped out during battle. Assets can only be seen when inside a Midas Card or when passed in front a mirror frame in the Financial District until they are swiped into reality. More than one Asset can be on the field at a time if there are a matching amount used by an opponent unless a second Asset is summoned with a Flation (Kakazuzu's "White Knight"). Assets are sensitive to fluctuations in the Midas Bank balance, as Msyu complains of pain while the Rotary Press is spinning. If an Entre goes Bankrupt, the Asset ceases to exist and returns to it's default future state, which it is then converted into Midas Money.