Name (Kanji): オーロール
Name (Romaji): Ōrōru
Status: Dead
Anime: Episode 05

Aurore (sometimes spelled Aurora) is another of Mikuni's many Assets.

She takes the form of a woman who usually stands by Q as her guardian. Her eyes are usually closed.


Looking like a young lady with short blond hair, Aurore also has two horn-like objects on top of her head. Like most other human-like Assets, her limbs are covered in fur, which are pink colored. For her main costume, she wears a skin tight one-piece-like suit that 'connects' to her arms' fur, creating a collar and also going only to the upper hips. The suit exposes her mid-riffs. Her eyes seem to be always closed except when in a Deal.


Aurore's eyes are usually closed except when she is using her Flation ability "Sleeping Beauty" in order to suck an opponent's money out using her voice. She seems to be protective of Q and is there to calm Q down when she is awoken by a Deal in progress. Sometimes, Q even sits on or lays with Aurore in an almost suggestive manner, possibly implying a relationship. Aurore's personality is largely unknown as she is not a prominent character in the anime. Likewise, her relationship with Q is left up to the viewer's opinion, but the two do appear to be at least friends or even surrogate "siblings".


As shown in Sōichirō's past, Q came before Aurore. This shows that Aurore was not an attached asset to Q until later in the past.


Aurore is Mikuni's fallback Asset after Kakazuzu. She is used to slip behind enemy lines or help take down multiple enemies (such as George's E.B.O or Hurst's Pac-Man Defense). She seems to be a fan-favorite among Entres, who have given her a nickname after her Microflation ability "Sleeping Beauty", often just calling her Beauty. If Q is awoken during a duel, she sometimes must be pacified by Aurore so she will not destroy everything. Aurore often tells Q to "Go back to sleep", relating to her Sleeping Beauty theme. Aurore is injured in the crossfire of the battle between Q and Georges in Yoga's form (due to his Mezzoflation E.B.O), becoming severely wounded by Q's "Cannibalization" ability. 

Powers & Abilities Edit

Sleeping BeautyEdit

Her Flation ability is "Sleeping Beauty", which she sucks out power directly from her opponent's Asset, which powers her indefinitely. Her face distorts when she uses her Flation ability.


Aurore seems to be Q's bodyguard, though it has yet to be explained why. She often pacifies Q into going back to sleep during a Deal. In some episodes, Q is even seen sitting on or laying with Aurore.  She also seems to be well-liked by other Entre's, who have given her the nickname "Beauty".


Aurore's name, flation ability and permanently closed eyes reference the Brothers Grimm tale "Sleeping Beauty", the story of a princess called Aurora whose parents failed to invite an evil fae to her birthday party. The fae, offended, cursed Aurora to prick her finger on the needle of a spindle and fall into eternal slumber.