• Disappearance of a District
  • The effects of Mikuni's gambit to stop [C] on the real world.
[C] is a chain reaction that occurs when an entire Finacial District runs out of money. This affects both the Entres and people in the real world.

Destruction of a DistrictEdit

When a District goes bankrupt, tentacles grasp the big coin that is present at the middle of the District. During this time, all of the Assets of that District start bursting into money, making them also disappear.

The largest effect by far is the complete disappearance in reality of the country to which the Financial District was assigned. It is said that there used to be a Caribbean Republic, which vanished some time ago and was forgotten by the world. Over the course of the anime, Singapore goes bankrupt and disappears, which initiates a chain reaction as shown in Episode 9.

Effects of [C]Edit

When a District goes bankrupt, the devastating effect on the economy is felt throughout the world. Economically weaker countries run the risk of being in turn bankrupted and also disappearing. When Singapore vanishes, Japan feels the effects of [C] twice, once when it starts and once when it "rebounds" off America which is too economically sound to be affected any. To stop [C], Mikuni is forced to use his Black Midas Card to create massive amounts of Midas Money and sink them into the economy, unfortunately the side effects of the use of the Black Card steal many years of future from the citizens of Japan and make the country miserable.