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Ep10 title

Air Date June 17, 2011
Episode 10
Opening Song Matoryoshka
Ending Song RPG
Episode Guide
Control (Future)


The North American Financial District starts increasing the value of its assets when their Entrés begin flooding the world economy with US dollars. Because of this, the Americans were able to bounce back the affects of C and send it back towards Japan. Mikuni decides to use the black card and the Midas Money press once more to prevent the Japanese economy from another financial collapse. Jennifer, Kimimaro and Taketazaki put a plan of their own in motion to stop Mikuni before the transaction is complete in an attempt to save the future. Even though Kimimaro is somehow succesful in his role of defeating the other high-ranked guild members who might interefere, the plan backfires when Mikuni defeats Jennifer in a deal. Kimimaro confronts Mikuni about using the Midas Money press but he hears none of it and opts to print once more in exchange for rest of his future. But with the help of Masakaki, and by the orders of the "higher-ups", Kimimaro is now in possession of a black card of his own, giving him the means to revert the press. This quickly escalates in a struggle for control over the press with Mikuni and Kimimaro engaging in a deal of their own.