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Ep1 title

Air Date April 15, 2011
Episode 1
Opening Song Matoryoshka
Ending Song RPG
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A man with no money uses a certain strange credit card which grants him access to the surreal Financial District, where he engages in a battle against another man named Sōichirō Mikuni, fighting with mysterious creatures, and is defeated. Because of this defeat, the man ends up committing suicide the next day. Meanwhile, a boy named Kimimaro Yoga is working two part time jobs to raise money for his own normal future. One evening as he is trying to study for a pop quiz, he is approached by a mysterious man named Masakaki, who announces that Kimimaro has been chosen to become an entrepreneur at a mysterious bank, as a vacant spot has openned. Thoguh he did not truly accept this offer, the next day, Kimimaro is surprised to find 500,000 yen deposited into his account. Whilst wondering what he should do about it, Kimimaro considers using a small amount so he can attend a kegger with his friend, Hanabi Ikuta. However, as he withdraws the money, he is once again approached by Masakaki, who places him into a taxi bound for the Financial District.