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Control (Future)

Ep11 title

Air Date June 24, 2011
Episode 11
Opening Song Matoryoshka
Ending Song RPG
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Kimimaro and Mikuni begin their duel, going all out on each other. Mikuni puts Kimimaro in a tough spot, but his powers start to weaken thanks to the decreasing value of the Yen, with people soon starting to see Midas Money for what it truly is. As Kimimaro continues to fight with Mikuni, Msyu pleas Q to stop, who is actually based off of Takako and starts taking her form. The battle is concluded when the Midas Money disappears from the world along with Mikuni's powers, allowing Kimimaro to deal the winning punch and let C pass through Japan without any influence. Declared the winner, Kimimaro orders the reversing of the presses, with the futures returning to their original place and owners. With the Assets disappearing as a result, Msyu gives Kimimaro a kiss before she disappears. Kimimaro returns to reality to find that the US dollar has become Japan's official currency, and everyone's futures have been returned to where they once belonged. Some futures were changed, but in general, they haven't come to an end.