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Cultivation (Training)

Ep5 title

Air Date May 13, 2011
Episode 5
Opening Song Matoryoshka
Ending Song RPG
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Mikuni explains the purpose of Starling Guild to Kimimaro: to win by small margins in order to avoid affecting reality too much. Even so, Kimimaro's attempt to put this into practice fails due to Msyu rushing in. Later, on his way back to the real world, Kimimaro hears from the taxi driver that even those with small losses may have their 'future' affected quite a bit. Kimimaro grows concerned about whether his loss has affected any of his friends or family, though it appears to only affect his test results, which makes him relieved. After, Kimimaro grows concerned about the Basho Pharmaceutical company, which could affect thousands of people if it faced bankruptcy via deals. Kimimaro later learns the company was bought by another company owned by Mikuni, in order to reduce its effects on reality. Mikuni later explains to Kimimaro that he is trying to maintain a balance between reality and the Financial District, since ridding one or the other would cause chaos instead. Kimimaro decides to join the Guild and starts to control his Deals. Yoga soon sees that not everything is as it seems