Direct investment is one of the ways to gain profit in a Deal and the only way for an Entrepreneur to do so without any help from an Asset. It is performed by literally transforming Midas Money into sword-like weapons and striking the opponent with it. While it is risky since it exposes the Entrepreneur, it may reap great profits equal to twice the amount the Entrepreneur invested in the attack. However, the weapon becomes longer and heavier the more money is invested in it, to the point of becoming too heavy to handle. It is thus important to invest as much money as possible while also being able to strike with them.


  • File:Direct mikuni.jpg
    Some ideas of using impossibly long and heavy Direct attacks were demonstrated by Mikuni Souichirou. In his Deal with Makida Naoya, Souichirou puts his hand on the opponent and stabs him by producing the weapon out of his palm. Since the attack connects immediately, he has no reason to strike with it, however long and heavy it is.
  • At the end of his Deal with Kikuchi Yoshiyuki, Souichirou produces his weapon by raising his hand upwards, then uses the weight and the length of the weapon to cut his opponent in half.