Hanabi Ikuta


Name (Kanji): 生田羽奈日
Name (Romaji): Ikuta Hanabi
Age: 19?
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Height: 173cm (5'8")
Weight: 53kg
Seiyuu: Yui Makino
Anime: Episode 01

Kimimaro's best friend and classmate. Kimimaro had romantic feelings for her despite the fact that she already has a boyfriend.


She has long, purplish hair and grey eyes. She wears casual clothes like any other college student would. Close to the end of the series, before Kimimaro wins his Deal against Mikuni, because of the effects of C, Hanabi wears a white, dirtied one-piece skirt.


She has a kind and positive outlook. Always cheerful, she has never been seen in a state of sadness, until later on in episode 8 where she begins to act weird because of the effects of the Financial District.


Whether if Kimimaro and Hanabi has been friends for any longer than their college years, this has yet to be discovered. As seen in episode 8, it seems like Hanabi once helped take care of preschoolers for a school, but stopped due to reasons untold.


Hanabi is a friend of Kimimaro, and stays as like so. But when the phenomenon "C" arrives to Japan, supposedly the two have never met each other. After Kimimaro defeats Mikuni and the future is returned to everyone, it seems that Kimimaro and Hanabi have not met yet. It is unknown if Kimimaro chases after her.

Powers & Abilities Edit

As Hanabi was never part of the Financial District, she does not have any special abilities.


Kimimaro YogaEdit

Hanabi is good friends with Kimimaro, who attends the same school as she does. Kimimaro appears to have a crush on her, which she may or may not have realized. She has an as-of-yet-unnamed boyfriend.

At the end of the anime, the two become unrelated, being complete strangers. It is unknown if they'll make any relationships.

Unnamed BoyfriendEdit

The man who was going out with Hanabi at the start of the series. Only seen once in the first episode, it is unknown how the two came together. At the end of the anime, there is no sign of the boyfriend. It is unknown whether he will ever become her boyfriend again. His future was most likely altered by Mikuni's printing of Midas money.