Hurst is Kikuchi Yoshiyuki Asset which he used in his deal with Mikuni it is powerful but has a high maintenance cost.


It takes the form of many hexagonal mirrors adorned with spike-shaped horns, giving it a centipede like appearance.


It has almost no personality by being at best an animal at worst an inanimate object.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Hursts' powers really seem to rely around its ability to seperate its panel like body segments. It's very powerful but has a high maintenance cost. Tough this can be somewhat compensated by opening once stocks to the public.

"Pac-Man Defense",Edit

Hurst's Flation, allows Kikuchi to enter the mirrors and attack his opponent with a Direct attack from any of them. The term "Pac-Man Defense" is used in M&A to describe a defensive tactic when the target firm turns around and tries to acquire the other company that has made the hostile takeover attempt.