Isurugi Kirihito


Status: Alive
Gender: Male

Isurugi Kirihito (石動桐人) serves as the manager of the Starling Guild.


He is usually seen wearing glasses and a busines suit. He is almost always in possesion of a laptop by his side.


At first he seems to be a very loyal subject to the Guild and Mikuni, taking care of the financial status. He is very focused on his business with the Guild and his job as an economics consultant. Later on though, it is revealed that he doesn't want to use the money for other people but to use it for himself, showing his sly and evil side. But he was found out before he could steal and use this money for his own selfish desires.


Not much is known of his backstory, exceot fior the fact that he was already a somewhat big figure as an economics consultant.


He is first seen working at the Starling Guild HQ. He was also on TV talking about the financial crisis which was happening in Singapore and its affects on Japan. In the train, he once talked with Jennifer Sato, but the subject of this conversation remains unknown. His plan to use the Guild's funds for something else than the Starling Guild was discovered by a faith , and he was caught before he could use the stolen money.


Isurugi's Asset is never properly seen. It may have appeared in the 'window' frames, but never have showed its face.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

He is appearently a strong fighter because of his position inside the Starling Guild. Even so, his abilities and powers are not shown. But he has the basic powers of an Entre like Direct.