Kō Sennoza
Age: 29
Status: alive
Gender: Male
Seiyuu: Tetsuya Kakihara

A 29 year old who is the head of a nonprofit organization that delivers vaccines to poor countries. He is a powerful Entré with the habit of asking his opponents beforehand to back out of the deal, although none have ever taken his offer.


Sennoza's asset


Sennoza is usually seen wearing a white shirt, accompanied with blue jeans. Physically, he doesn't stand out very much as there is nothing really distinctive about his outfit.


Generally kind and understanding, Sennoza tries to help others, including Kimimaro. In battle however, he proves to be quite a capable and aggressive fighter. He constantly looks towards the future and tries to do everything he can to help people in need. He is a very graceful loser, showing no resentment towards Kimimaro despite the severe consequences of the duel on his life and the lives of many others.

Mikuni seems to dislike him somewhat. The reason for this is not entirely clear, but it might be because Mikuni considers Sennoza's stance too idealistic and not grounded in reality.


Sennoza is first introduced as a person who is to fight Kimimaro in a deal. He appears to Kimimaro, asking him to drop out. Kimimaro at first declines, although he is unsure of his decision. During the few days before the deal, Kimimaro and Sennoza both meet frequently, the former seeking advice from Sennoza about what he should be doing in the Financial District. Despite all their interactions, Kimimaro decides to go ahead with the deal (influenced to do so by Mikuni), which results in Msyu getting severely damaged. However, they manage to defeat Sennoza in the end (offscreen) by hitting him with two successive Mezzoflations. Sennoza is last seen packing up his furniture and preparing to move out of his house, most likely due to his loss of the deal. It is also implied many of the children he saved died as a result of the altered future.

Assets and AbilitiesEdit

Sennoza controls a large and strong asset resembling a bird skeleton with mechanical parts, presumably known as Karyuma (Karma). Its main ability, Angel, consists in blasting the opponent with lethal lightning bolts which easily overdrive even the powerful Msyu's defenses. Karyuma is also able to control parts of its body to attack the opponent from a distance.

Though extremely powerful on the offensive, Karyuma may be defensively weaker, since Msyu was able to defeat it by hitting it with two Mezzoflations in quick succession despite having sustained extreme damage earlier on. Prior to his deal with Kimimaro, Sennoza had only been defeated once in a deal, apparently by Mikuni and Q.