Name (Kanji): カカズズ
Name (Romaji): Kakazuzu
Status: Dead
Gender: Male
Anime: Episode 01

Mikuni's most frequently used Asset when he's in a Deal.


Wearing a battle-butler-like suit, Kakazuzu has an appearance of an elder man, shown by his long white hair, beard and mustache. The upper part of his face is covered by an Anubis head mask. Just like most Assets, Kakazuzu also has a set of small horns on his head/mask.


Just as his appearance suggests, Kakazuzu is like a "combat-butler" to Mikuni, never disobeying his commands. As Mikuni's chosen main-combat Asset, Kakazuzu is very experienced in battle.


Kakazuzu's personal history is not known. But it can be said that he became Mikuni's asset after Q. It can be assumed that he was bought from someone who Mikuni had defeated in a deal.


Kakazuzu was Mikuni's main combat asset and the first of his three assets to be seen/used. Mikuni uses him much more often than his original asset, Q. This is likely due to the fact that Q's super-powerful attacks are centered on annihilating an opponent completely and utterly, while Mikuni usually aims to avoid bankrupting his foes.

Jennifer stole him from Mikuni during their deal, and he died after being eaten by Q.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Kakazuzu usually fights in melee, using his sheer combat skills without the use of special abilities.

White KnightEdit

His Flation ability is "White Knight", in which his face becomes a skull and his torso extends to reveal a hole, that summons out Aurore.


Sōichirō MikuniEdit

He is the first of Mikuni's assets to be seen in combat.


Kakazuzu was the first asset be introduced and he was the first and only asset to be killed directly through a deal.