Kikuchi Yoshiyuki (菊池 義行) is a Darkness Midas Card Entrepreneur. He is an elderly man dressed in traditional Japanese clothes. He has great influence in the real world, where he is the president of Bashou Pharmaceuticals, a major pharmaceutical company.

He participates in a Deal with Mikuni Souichirou after refusing to become a member of Mukudori Guild. Although Kikuchi overwhelms his opponent at first, Souichirou manages to win the Deal with a minimal edge, so the real world does not suffer any major consequences.

Later, he participates in a Deal with Seizawa Yasushi, who is not concerned about the real world as much as Souichirou. After Kikuchi's loss to Yasushi, Bashou Pharmaceuticals suffers a major crisis, which is nullified by Mikuni Souichirou buying the company. This Deal also makes both of its participants lose their Darkness Midas Cards, leaving Mikuni Souichirou the only Entrepreneur in the Far-Eastern Financial District who has one.


Hurst is Kikuchi's Asset. It takes form of many hexagonal mirrors adorned with spike-shaped horns. Its Flation, "Pac-Man Defense", allows Kikuchi to enter the mirrors and attack his opponent with a Direct attack from any of them. The term "Pac-Man Defense" is used in M&A to describe a defensive tactic when the target firm turns around and tries to acquire the other company that has made the hostile takeover attempt.