Name (Kanji): 真坂木
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Height: 192cm (6'2")
Seiyuu: Takahiro Sakurai
Anime: Episode 01
A strange being from the Financial District. He is a representative of the Midas Bank, and his job is to lure new Entres to the District. He often pops up around Kimimaro out of nowhere.


Masakaki has golden eyes, indicating that he is a Finacial District native. His skin is pale, almost albino white, and he has bright purple-pink hair. He also wears a top hat and a suit, plus a cane, making him look like a fantasy-type of entrepreneur (he can be described as a demonic Willy Wonka). The ornament on his cane seems to be a depiction of the legendary King Midas, widely known for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold (it is less known that he was also cursed by the gods to have donkey ears, which explains the strange ears of the ornament).

There appears to be multiple counterparts to Masakaki across the different finincial districts. They have different color schemes, but their clothing design and physical appearence is always the same.

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Masakaki is apparently ever-cheerful and possesses what appears to be a playful streak, frequently teleporting and popping around others' personal space unexpectedly. He addresess everyone with the suffix -sama, either as a form of extreme respect for the Entre or as a way of mocking sarcasm. Masakaki's personal view of the current situation is still unknown. Whether he is with Mikuni or against him is still questionable, as shown when he gives Yoga a Darkness card, though he says everything he does is an "order from above". It can be presumed that Masakaki operates on a set of moralities completely different from the human norm.

It could be said that he seeks to protect "his" finacial district, which can be seen when he gets irritated and upset by the fact that his American counterpart bounces back the effects of C towards Japan when it was supposed to hit America. Between each district, each Masakaki has a bit of a different personality, though all are playful and ever-cheerful.


Little is known of Masakaki's past. It seems to be that he has always been the invitee of new Entres, asking whether or not they wish to enter the Financial District.


The first time he appears is when he reports to Sōichirō Mikuni that an new Entre wishes to fight Sōichirō head on. He then teleports him to where this new Entre is. Later, in the middle of a certain night, Kimimaro wakes up to be interrupted by a visit from a strange gentleman who introduces himself as Masakaki. Masakaki tries to convince Kimimaro to become an Entrepreneur/Entre and come to the Financial District, however Kimimaro declines. To get around this, Masakaki leaves Kimimaro a huge deposit of 500,000 yen in his bank account, though he doesn't tell this to Kimimaro, who at first assumes that there has been a mistake in the bank accounts.

While in school Kimimaro acts distant and contemplates as to whether or not he should use the money. Eventually he decides to use it. This is interpreted by Masakaki as a sign of agreement to the deal. Kimimaro is immediately given a Midas Card by Masakaki and is taken to the Financial District. Masakaki shows himself frequently throughout the series, talking mostly to Kimimaro. Upon giving Kimimaro a Darkness Card he states that all he does is an order from his superiors.

After Mikuni's defeat, though the Financial District of Japan is gone, for some reason, Masakaki is still existent. He appears before Kimimaro, telling him that the Financial District will always exist, as long as there are futures left to take. This could explain why he gives Kimimaro a Darkness card to operate the Rotary Press: Mikuni's plan to save the country by taking away its future harms the Midas Bank as well.

Powers & Abilities Edit

It can be assumed that Masakaki does not Deal and has no Asset, being a representative of the District rather than an Entre. However, he can teleport, and can also send himself and others to a different dimension where time is stopped. Interestingly, he has those powers not only in the Financial District but in the real world as well. It is later shown that he can give Entres other Midas Cards, shown when he gave Yoga a Black Midas Card to confront Mikuni.


His ties to each and every Entré differ. He seems to appear more frequently to powerful or "important" Entres, such as Mikuni and Kimimaro.

  • North American Masakaki.
  • Singapore Masakaki.
  • North American Masakaki with two others.
  • More Masakaki.


  • It can be said that Masakaki has a small resemblance to the Chesire Cat in Alice in Wonderland. The both of them are usually seen smiling and the cat is usually depicted as pink-purple, like Masakaki's clothes patterns. In addition, he can teleport, like it.
  • Continuing on the Alice in Wonderland allegories, his outfit resembles the Mad Hatter's.
  • In other Financial Districts, it seems there are replicas of Masakaki's, each resembled by different colors. This shows that there is one Masakaki per District, or at least one per several affiliated Districts.
  • Generally, there's a sound effect of what seems to be coins clinking together when he waves his staff and a sound effect of an old style register processing a sale with every step he takes, describing his persona of an adventure capitolist/investor.
  • His role in the Financial Dristrict is similar to those of a Bank Manager, Clerical Staff, Stock and Funds Broker, and Debt Collector (all in one).
  • Masakaki and the Midas Bank can be described as Lovecraftian in a way. They are not "good" nor "evil" in a traditional way, instead operating on a moral code completely alien to humans.
  • Masakaki's name is derived from the name of Masaaki Shirakawa, a Japanese economist and central banker.