Name (Kanji): 真朱
Name (Romaji): Mashu
Status: Unknown (Most Likely Alive)
Gender: Female
Height: 168cm (5'6")
Weight: 55kg
Hairstyle: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Partner: Kimimaro Yoga
Seiyuu: Haruka Tomatsu
Anime: Episode 1

Msyu is Kimimaro's Asset, who takes the appearance of a beautiful girl and has the ability to conjure up fire based attacks.


Her name is sometimes phonetically spelled Masyu or Mashyu. It can be pronounced like the English male name Matthew or Japanese female names Mashu (真秋, 麻秋, 茉珠, 茉秋, 真珠, 真朱, 雅珠) or Mashuu (摩周, 真秀).

  1. MSYU = MatiSYahU = מתתיהו (Heb. 'Matthew'; lit. 'gift of God')
  2. Mashu = 真朱 (lit. 'Scarlet truth')
  3. Mashuu = マシュー (transliteration of Eng. 'Matthew')


She appears as a small and young female imp like creature with a pair of horns sprouting from her head. She dresses mainly in a red skirt, wearing red velvet-like sleeves on her arms and legs, and has a pair of fang-like teeth. She has long wavy brown hair and emerald green eyes. She seems to be on par in height with Kimimaro but this might be due to the fact she can levitate. In her hair, she also has a small bunch of red flowers, suspected to be a rose or a red carnation.


Msyu's personality can be described as violent but this seems to be only during the deals. When she is outside of a deal, her persona changes to a more somber type. She seems to hate idle talk as expressed when Kimimaro talks to just to say hello to which she replies there is no need for "hello-ing".

She is a weird Asset in the sense that she does things that are unusual for an Asset, such as behaving like how a normal human does. She even asks Kimimaro to give her some of his ramen, even though Assets do not know the definition of "eat", out of curiosity. She then takes an interest in ramen and eats it every now and then in the series.


Like most assets, Msyu's origins are not known. Whether or not assets are created beforehand or made especially for the certain Entre remains a mystery. However, when Taketazaki and Kimimaro Yoga discuss about what is money during Episode 8, Kimimaro has a vision about Msyu, probably it was the moment she was born, somewhere in the future. This moment is one of the few that we see what future is being used for collateral

Some of the the familiar members of Mikuni's guild have noted that Msyu looks familiar. Now told directly by Taketazaki himself, who has proof in hand, Msyu is indeed one that should be familiarized by old members, as she is a striking resemblance to Kimimaro's Dad's Asset. The only differences between the Dad's Asset and her are the hair color and their name.


While the audience gains their first glimpse of Msyu in the final scene of Complication, Yoga Kimimaro is first introduced to her in the first half of Coincidence. As the story goes on, she begins to show signs of curiosity in human nature, and thus begins to explore the concepts of nutrition and romance. All of this is achieved by means of the portal provided by Yoga's Midas Card. It is supposedly confirmed that Mysu truly did have romantic feelings for Kimimaro when she kisses him on the lips before disappearing in the last episode. She promises him that they might meet each other one day...

Powers & Abilities Edit



Msyu's attacks are mostly fire based, especially seen when she uses her Mezzoflation. She can also create a barrier with her horns, while also using them as melee weapons. Msyu is considered to be a very strong Asset which allows Kimimaro to win battles despite his severe lack of experience. Her powers are only matched by Sennoza's Karma and outmatched by Mikuni's Q.

Mezzoflation - Scorched EarthEdit

Creates a huge burst of flame, which then becomes many missile-like flames that incinerates the target and the surrounding area.

In business, Scorched Earth is an antitakeover tactic used by the targeted company which involves eliminating important assets or divisions that are deemed valuable or desirable by the acquirer to discourage the takeover attempt. It's a double edged sword; severe repercussions are usually felt by the shareholders of the targeted firm.

Macroflation - Overheated EconomyEdit

Msyu's strongest flation. Channeling all the energy within herself then sending it into the sky, Msyu summons a large stormcloud. The cloud then bursts into a huge pillar of scorching flames that shoots to the ground and becomes wider, incinerating surrounding objects. Anyone (other than Mysu and her Entre) who comes within this radius becomes completely incinerated.

In business, an overheated economy is when a prolonged period of good economic growth and activity causes high levels of inflation (from increased consumer wealth). Inefficient supply allocations are also caused as producers overproduce and create excess production capacity in an attempt to capitalize on the high levels of wealth. Unfortunately, these inefficiencies and inflation will eventually hinder the economy's growth and cause a recession.


Kimimaro YogaEdit

Mysu & Yoga

Msyu and Yoga.

Rather than a mere Asset/object, Kimimaro views her as a partner and as such, even went to the extent of trying to shield her with his own body when he first fought. Kimimaro named her after the 4-letter unique code that appears on the bottom right corner of every Midas Card, which happened to make a good-enough name for her. She holds some romantic feelings regular Assets wouldn't have for their Entre. At the conclusion of C Mysu states that she loves Yoga 40 times as much right after she kisses him.


She is curious about Q, as seen from her reaction when she saw her for the first time.