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Sōichirō Mikuni

Sōichirō Mikuni

Age: 33
Status: Alive?
Gender: Male
Height: 190cm (6'2")

A veteran and wealthy Entré who takes an interest in Kimimaro's potential.


He has brown hair and brown eyes. He usually wears business-like clothes. Like all Entrés, his eyes turn gold while he is using his powers in the Financial District. Before becoming a business man, he had a casual appearance with bright orange hair.


He is always calm, showing no emotions of anger or sadness. He thinks of it to be possible to minimize the effects of the Financial District upon the real world, which seems to be quite optimistic and also a thought of kindness to the people. But in truth, he is stubborn, as he does not notice that his goals are not really making the future better.

Though his calm demeanor can change drastically when he was fighting Yoga he quickly became hateful and full of rage when the tables were turned. He also seems to be at least somewhat of a hypocrite, as he seems to dislike Kō Sennoza (despite the latter also trying to reduce the impact of Midas Money upon the world by trying to avoid Deals altogether), and sometimes has no qualms demolishing someone in a Deal if he feels like their bankruptcy will have no impact on the economy (as seen in episode 1).

He is persuasive, and can be considered extremely charismatic, indeed having Kimimaro eating him out of his hand for much for the early story. He is also a self-righteous individual, stating himself to be a better man than his father was.

Soichiro is a jaded individual, hardened through life experience. Though he doesn't come off as cynical and is rather, presented as a figure of sagacity. He was the one who deduced the true motives of Kimimaro's father and the reason he participated in Deals.


Sōichirō lived the early years of his life for music. But because his father wished for him to work under him as an aid in business matters, he had to renounce this passion. Even though he was not really interested in business, Mikuni still worked hard as his father's secretary. His father tasked him with observing him, and absorbing any business techniques he used, and Mikuni did so diligently. Sōichirō's younger sister, Takako, was ill at the time and over the course of Sōichirō's business tutelage, her condition became unstable. Sōichirō sought to circumvent this by sending her to a hospital in America for special treatment. Though initially this idea was greenlit by his father, the company started to show signs of going under. So hefty budget cuts were issued, any projects or fund-consuming activities that were unnecessary were dropped. Takako's trip to America was considered expendable, and called off. Sōichirō, outraged, resolved to gather the funds to help Takako himself. Such a project never got off the ground, as his father had him imprisoned inside of his own home for days. When Takako's condition began to decline even further, Sōichirō was finally allowed to go to her. This is where they had the conversation that lead to the development of Sōichirō's ideology as of the series. That the present is the greatest priority. That night Takako fell into a coma.

Mikuni in the past

Angered by the fact that his father prioritized business over family, Sōichirō started to work even harder, but not for his father's sake, but to fight against him. While he worked so hard, Mikuni was invited to the Financial District as an Entré. And on becoming one, he used it to prosper and take over his father's business, as revenge for what he did to his own daughter. After taking over his father's business, Mikuni is doing his best to help his sister and the economy of Japan overall.


In the present, Mikuni aims to control the effects of the Financial District on the real world. To do this he made the Starling Guild, which has the same goal. He is a very rich man, which also helps him with his plan to balance the two worlds - he is rich enough to essentially single-handedly shoulder Japan's debt.

When Singapore's Financial District collapses and the [C] phenomonon occurs, Mikuni uses his Black Card to action the Rotary Press, making massive amounts of Midas Money which he sinks into the economy. Though he saves Japan from disappearance, the side effects of using the Rotary Press plunge the country into misery. Eventually, Mikuni is defeated by Kimimaro when Jennifer and Taketazaki's plan to catastrophically collapse the value of the yen and replace it with the dollar succeeds, making his fortune completely worthless. This allows Kimimaro to work the Rotary Press in reverse, draining Midas Money from the country but restoring its future.

After the future is returned to everyone, Mikuni gives up everything and chooses to stay in the ruined, disappearing Financial District. It is unknown what happened to him.


It is shown that Sōichirō has quite a few assets. He has used three in combat: an Anubis-like mask-wearing man by the name of Kakazuzu, a horned lady named Aurore, and Q, who is presumably his very first asset and is similar to Msyu. Kakazuzu is Sōichirō's main combat asset, but Q is his true main asset and his secret weapon. She is the only Asset of which he takes special care, and treats her differently from the others.

Powers & Abilities[]

Like any other Entré, Sōichirō can use the ability "Direct", which lets him use a bit of money to create a blade out of his hand. Since he is absurdly rich, his blade is massive, allowing him more reach. He can use it as a spear. He also sometimes "invests" in promising Entrés (like Kimimaro), which lets him loan money to them. Another ability he has shown in a Deal is White Knight, which lets him summon one of his other assets, such as Sleeping Beauty or Q, alongside his main combat asset Kakazuzu.



His personal Asset. Modeled after his precious sister, she is his first asset. She represents a future in which Mikuni can get his sister to wake from her coma, even though he did not realize that until his deal with Yoga.

Kimimaro Yoga[]

He "invests" in Kimimaro, showing interest in him. This is because he thinks Kimimaro is similar to himself. He wishes for Kimimaro to be his successor.