Seizawa Yasushi (聖沢 靖) is a Darkness Midas Card Entrepreneur. He is an obese man who wears sunglasses and a fedora hat. He is described as "a man of means", who always strives to make the greatest profit possible. His Deal with Kikuchi Yoshiyuki leads to a crisis of Bashou Pharmaceuticals, a medicine company led by Kikuchi, and to both of them losing their Darkness Midas Cards.


Porte is Seizawa's Asset. She takes shape of a woman wrapped in bandages, with a key on the end of her right arm and a keyhole in her left arm. Her face is obstructed by another keyhole. Her Flation, "Gatekeeper", makes Midas Money flow out of her opponent, like water out of a floodgate. The term "Gatekeeper" is used in business to describe requirements that must be met before an individual can qualify for a long-term care plan.