Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Taketazaki is an information broker of the Financial District.


Usually seen hooded with a green jacket, Taketazaki is notible for his small pupils and full set of golden teeth. He is always seen with a camera in hand so he can take pictures at any time he wishes.

In the real world, he works for a crepe car, wearing a colorful outfit in order to blend into the world.


Taketazaki, being an information broker, tends to trade information for a certain amount of Midas Money, at the very least 1,000,000 yen, which is around 10,000 US dollars. Because of his profession, he is a bit obsessed with getting money. He is not sly in his business deals though, for he is honest with the information he gives, asking for an appropriate amount each time. Though it's not money as such that he seeks in truth he seeks trust he mearly uses the money as a way to get trust.


Not much is known of his backstory, except the fact that he was in the Financial District for a long time because he has taken pictures of Kimimaro's father, who was part of the District long years ago.


Taketazaki is an information broker in the Financial District, giving information to those who wishes to know at an agreeable price. Even in the real world, he earns money as a crepe seller. During Jennifer's Deal with Mikuni he tries to take the trust people have in yen away by making a artificial hyper-inflation. So that Mikuni has the same power as Kimimaro and Jennifer. His plan succeeded, the people lost their trust in the yen and changed to the dollar. When the Rotary Press goes in reverse Taketazaki is seen riding in Itaneda's taxi; Itaneda states that his work was too related to the Financial District and Taketazaki sees that there's nowhere to escape. What happened to him afterwards is unknown.


Take's Asset
Taketazaki's Asset is a giant monkey-like creature with eight paws. Neither its name nor its Flation are known at this moment, since it has never been seen participating in a Deal yet.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

He is apparently a strong fighter and very experienced in Deals due to his long survival in the Financial District.




  • "People often misunderstand me... what I want isn't money. It's trust."
  • "What gives money its value... it's consumer confidence"